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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hmm alot of things have happened.
Most importantly should be Teachers' Day.
The months and days before the actual celebration were really taxing, stressful and tiring to the max for me.
But really am happy that there are bosom friends and juniors around me who gave me their encouragement and support.
On the actual day itself, everything went quite smoothly and successfully and i'm really very contented seeing all the smiles everybody put on their faces. that's the best reward ever.
Thanks so much STUDENT COUNCILLORS for enduring with my harsh demands.
And thanks so much for those who helped me on the spot when something small suddenly crops up. That's really nice of you! :)
Hmm now i've started on my one week sept holiday but...
everyday still needs to go back to school :(
People must mug for EOY ok!
Cui Ting you an do it alright!
Jiayous! Not sorry again...
ok the frustrating thing about blogspot is that it's difficult to really pour out my woes.
certain things are really not supposed to write here.
ahhhhhhhhhh i want to shout it out loud!
actually there are many interestng thing about my family! hehe :D
OK, shall stop here lest i say everything out!

9:48 PM

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hmm, i kinda can't really rmb what had happened for the whole of last 2 weeks i guessed, though the previous posts are some photos. But, let me just try and remember...
Starting from the previous post i posted regarding Sat's Swiss Council Meeting with Mr Shashi and Mr Samuel Lim, that very Monday is National Day!
Had a meeting Bill and Jew Qi. They're quite efficient in completing their task! Keep up the good work juniors.
Rushed home to watch the Asia Songs Arts Festival held in Korea with my mum. Thereafter is the 100% entertainment show hosted by Show and Alien. Afterwhich is the 2010 National Day Parade, whereby our very own Swiss Winds appeared in for the very first time, in the name of the first honourable school- Swiss Cottage Secondary School!
Because i watched them live before so i knew when they're coming in and going out, where they're marching too, most importantly when the cameramen will shoot their upclose shots.
Did catch some of my friends but i think Jerome is seen most clearly as he was standing at the front. Lucky Guy!
Ok, the very next day Tue, we had PA Council meeting. Discussed quite a bit, hope that ideas thought of can be used successfully.
studied with Lia for E math test and Geog. Actually, we did crap and slacked and munched on chips too. opps xD
Oh i had my Photo Taking on Wed with my current 3E2 class. Hope the photos turned out well :)
On Thur, hmm just happy happy :D
On Fri, took photos with my beloved choir and seniors!!! We're AWESOME!!!
Had an interview with Hui Ying together with a few others on Science and Home Econ And D&T labs rules and regulations. i was the one who kept talking non-stop. Hope i didn't say anything wrong.
Afterwhich had our CCA Council photo. Hope the photos are for sale cos i really really want them!
On Sat, went back to School for training as well as reflection session of Swiss Council Camp.
Learnt a few more things from Mr Smual Lim. It seems as though there are endless things to learn from him.
Had a PA Council meeting too. quite funny actually as we talked about how each cca manages their own ccas and well, there are some things lia and i should learn from them.
Yeah, 1 week down!
1 more week to update on hmm let's see..
Wed: Results of Preidential Election is out. Congratulations to Lia for being the President, Edwin for being the Internal Vice President, Irfan for being the External Vice President. And of course, me for being the head of welfare!!
Do give the three your support alright! they sure have the ability to progress the school to greater heights.
i'll try my best to take care of ur welfare. hahas :)
After school, there's commander and announcement and flag training for counillors. Sec 2s, jiayous alright!
After that, had Sec 4E1, 4E2 AND 4N1 PTM Session. i was the overall ic leading a team of 14 members. everything went quite smoothly and am glad tht the 14 of them did their job quite well.
On Thur, after school got Chinese enrichment- editting the video and our school com is super lag. keep hang and we have to redo twice -.-
Following tht is another PTM Session for the rest and Lia is the overall i'm not. Actually being just a normal councillor doing normal duty just like anyone else is much more relaxing and i kinda enjoyed my duty with my fellow councillors, the talking and doing.
On Fri, i kinda scolded my class for something. and i felt really bad afterwards. Thanks Ning Jie and William for reassuring me tht i did the right thing and sometimes being leader, it's always the most difficult whether to be pragmatic or not. sometimes doing the right thing will cost my friendship to break and people disliking me but to be able to tell my seniors to do right thing, i must first start off with having the courage to say my peers. Those comments really help alot so thanks!
Hmm this is my first time i flare up in secondary school to this extent. Classmates were shocked of course.
even i myself thought tht it was unbelieveable.
ok, Choir had CIP AGAIN!!! Yeah not bad, cos it's about YOG!
Like what i share with Lia, i feel tht comparing our beneficiaries currently and the first time we met them, they're much more happier and i'm really really proud of my choir girls! keep up the good work!
Homed to get changed for NUS FIESTA, before meeting lia and thereafter Kenny and Jerome at the backgate. thanks to Jerome's walking map tht we reached there without geting lost. however there are some problems regarding the tickets but still, we get to watched it after waiting for about 15 min. sat quite near to the stage and saw clearly how the dancers put in so much effort and feelings in their performance. went to grab something light at Clementi before heading home.
True enough, had alot of fun with the 2 guys, their lameness and coldness. haha certain jokes and comments are still imprinted in my mind and when thinking of it, i will still laugh my heads off. oh yes, saw the other PA Council heads and vice heads too. Shao Fen is hilarious!!!
ok Sat which is today, early in the morning was off to SC meeting with Lia and some others and well had a very enriching and exciting discussion. sc, look forward to this year's camp!!!
went to tuition and back to MAC AGAIN for choir comm meeting. Oh my MAC again. i'm sick and tired of tht smell again, every meeting eing held there...
ok shall stop here now! byes :)

8:16 PM

Saturday, August 7, 2010

All Photos were taken from Wanjun's Blog and My Facebook. Thanks Wanjun! And to her fans, don't blame, curse and whack me alright! xD
This photo was taken from Swiss Arts Night 2010. Presenting to you the Swiss Choir, Soprano One Section!

ShangHai's Exchange Twinning Programme. JianPing High School and No 1 High School. Of Course, the Swiss Buddies and Teachers! Wanjun and i were the Emcee for the small welcome ceremony at LT1, as well as the Culture Concert!

3E2 Class Outing with ShangHai Students! @ Bugis and East Coast! Thereafter sent them back to their hostel, late >< Took group photos with 3E3 Buddies!

Last day with ShangHai Students! Joyous yet Upset!

Swiss National Day Celebrations on 6 Aug 2010!

Cross Country Thereafter but i don't really have the photos ):
Some other updates...
On 24 July Sat, Fanglian, Siewboon and I went to watch National Day Parade NE Show 3 at Padang Live! It's so awesomely cool! Saw our National Cadet Corp Command Band Swiss Winds, Band of the Swiss Cottage Sec Sch in action! Photos are not with me yet! i'll upload and update as soon as possible.
On 1 Aug, went to Lia's Church for some arnival. not ad, reminded me of ACJC Carnival!
On 4 Aug 2010 Wed, Had our Leadership Forum 2010. It was my first experience, so no other experience to compare with. hope it's not a bad one.
After National day celebration on Fri, had the first Teacher's Day Rehearsal. Not too bad. Hope it gets better after the next few rehearsals.
Today in the morning, had the first Swiss Council Meeting with Mr Shashi and Mr Samuel Lim. Learnt quite a few things.
Ok i'm getting kinda bored with all the updating and stuffs so yeah, byes.

9:19 PM

Friday, July 16, 2010


I had my chinese o level oral on mon.

definitely nervous. not only me but also my friends. we waited quite a while cos the passage and topic was delivered late to our school.

passage was difficult. there were some words i'm not sure how to read and i paused a teeny wheeny while at some parts- did not read fluently ):

however, conversation was manageable.

however i said something wrongly and that caused the examiners and i to broke out in laughters. i was utterly embarrassed.

after that, went for english enrichment.

fun! the first thing we need to do is interview our friend, then memorise and present it loud and clear to the rest. then we played staring game. whereby we have to stare directly at one person at a time without smiling and without causing the other party to smile.

for me, actually i could have maintained that solem face. but until halfway, i don't know why but i burst out laughing. then everybody started laughing. i broke the silence!

just nice my back was facing the instructor.

then she said "don't think that i don't know u're laughing. ur ears are all red!"

we laughed even more!

then we played shouting linking words game. stupid yet funny game!

we also need to come up with a rap (chant).

my group's one is absolutely hilarious!

jing mei and dawn's group also very entertaining!

looking forward to the next session. however it's 2 weeks later ):

btw, having chinese o level listening comprehension on next tuesday. hope i can score in that.

better dick my ears clean! hahas :D


On Thursday, sports and performing council sec 4 leaders hand over each cca's baton to the sec 3 leaders.

was honoured to be given this chance to lead choir with lia.

was also honoured to work alongside with other pa cca leaders.

past few days rehearsal have given me a chance to get to know them even better.

but actually, from arts night onwards we have been progressing even closer.

i'm sure we will be bonded knitly since we got so many events to work together! :D


it's almost 2 months since we last had our CIP.

glad to see all of them again.

initially atmosphere seemed awkward but tht's normal.

however i don't know why i've lost my enthusiasm.

maybe i'm not too used being a follower, since in the past i'm the one always leading CIP.

i kinda miss that job. cos it's really cool when u see their smiles and realised tht all u've done for them is worth it.

overall not bad, i'm very proud of choir. keep up the good job alright! :)

right now, i'm watching a show on latest news on channel 8.

it's about NDP 2010.

i saw how the programme will looks like. seems fun and exciting.

when this year's theme song was played, mediaccorp shows us thoughts and wishes and blessings from people. after hearing those i can sense that alot of people love our country.

and no doubt, of course i'm one of them! (:

Long Live Singapore! :DD

7:36 PM

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Reached School at about 8.15am, saw band people already preparing to set off for their NDP Rehearsal at Padang.
i really admire their spirit for their CCA, School and Singapore. Who would want to sacrifice their sleep if they have a choice right?
I'm happy that i turned the corner at that time :)
I don't know whether i started the day off good or not, i accidentally broke a special gift.
Luckily no one got hurt and luckily, i didn't get scratched by the glass pieces.
The price i've to pay is to run all the way to find a replacement.
And a sweaty body.
And a red face.
Thanks Comm for not blaming me but i've got this weird feeling that either this Arts Night will turn out good for Choir or not.
Anyways, i'm the last to get dressed, get hair and makeup done.
Choir proceeded with vocals and then to RV.
Had lunch and started rehearsing in the Auditorium.
Surprised that Mr Wilson only practised for a while, unlike his style for the past few rehearsals.
But, i think i know why he did that- he wouldn't want us to overtire ourselves.
Such a sweet Instructor&Conductor we have!
Throughout the whole day, we're always cooped in the waiting room.
It's not boring at all as we took loads of photos with Josephine's Cam.
Hoping to see them soon!
Proceeded with Matinee and the fun part is the time when we have to change our costume.
Actually we had plenty of time but everyone is in a rush so in the toilet, it's extremely chaotic!
Performance was good and that's when Lia and i promised each other to break our Choir's curse.
Normally, Choir always do well for the first performance but not for the second one.
We were determined and we succeeded. Night's performance was marvellous!
i can feel the soul of the songs when we sang. It seems as though we had caught everyone's breath. The air at the moment is still.
So, conclusion is, i started the day off right! hehe.
Nobody listened to Mr Shashi as everyone was shouting names and well, i'm glad and embarrassed at the same time when i hear my name being called. Lynette's voice was exceptionally loud and clear! HAHAS :D
Im so happy to have received flowers from my sis. Thanks for gracing my concert despite ur busy school life.
Although Mum didn't turn up because something last min crop up and Dad was busy working, i know they are supporting me from where they are.
And for those who wanted to come with all their heart but cannot due to CCA and stuffs, it's ok. it's the thought that counts and i pretended that u all were there.
went for supper with the usual people.
and that ended my day pretty well (:
I presented my speech on Tue along with Lia. A little screwed as halfway through, i turned the paper upside down and that really expose my nervousness as my hands are shaking.
Still, i treated everything as an experience and whatever the outcome is, i'm happy to be part of these.
Honoured to be able to judge with Mr Erman, Mr Yoong and some sec 2s.
Reminded me of last year's. Actually, every single thing regarding teacher's day reminded me, esp the memories i shared with the people i worked with last year. They're one of the best.
Response was good, results will be out, soon.
At last, this event is going smoothly. but that also mean that it'll be busy for me from now onwards ):
i'm so excited about oncoming stuffs regarding Choir. I hope we can succeed! Also glad that everything about Choir is more or less settled and steady. xD
Tomorrow is my O Level Oral. i can't believe i can't communicate normally in chinese.
Was practising with friends and i was like still speaking in EngChi. OMG.
And, friends who have been through commented that the examiner is an oldie guy with a impatience character, who can't wait to summarise things and not allowing students to talk further ):
I hope i can cherish the opportunity to score tomorrow. Dear examiner, please be in a nice mood tomorrow and listen patiently to what i have to say. on my part, i will try my best to communicate with u in proper chinese. Please? Thank You :D
i should stop here. Byes.

7:45 PM

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Swiss Arts Night on 3 July, Sat. at River Valley High Auditorium. Matinee Show at 3pm while night show is at 6.30pm. Tickets priced at $15 each. Definitely worth Watching! :D
Please do support us! Interested, pls contact me to buy the tickets! (:

12:20 PM

Saturday, June 12, 2010

this camp is really really tiring!
test our patience, endurance, determination, resilience and more to our limits!
really removed all of our pamper-ness!
i've never attended such a stringent camp before!
i've never grown and matured so much before!
i've never known and become great friends with strangers that seemed like knowing them for years before!
i've never heard so many inspiring stories before!
this camp is one of the best i've ever had!
i can't possibly share all stories we've had but let me say a few memorable ones.
my watch which is my grp, NIla Utama, love to fool around with Nak Kencing (want to pee) and Merepek (crap) these words!
but we're also very loving esp when we care for our team mate Jocelyn so much!
as we went for land expedition, trekking for 8 hours plus with an extremely heavy bag each weighing more than myself i suppose and probably about the whole of pulau ubin!
we still had to carry jerry cans of water, food packs and tents!
had to go checkpoints to checkpoints, tired until cannot grumble.
finally reach campsite, were given 2 choices.
first is to shower, eat, rest.
second is to go all the way another camp site to fetch jocelyn from the medical centre.
without further ado, everyone said the same answer and there we go, walking quite a distance again.
very touching moment.
this is how bonded we are.
we also had sea expedition.
kayak for 6 hours, having lunch and peeing in the big sea.
with fishes, sea snakes etc.
had to keep on peddling cos once stop, no strength and difficult to start boat moving cos got strong currents.
sun is strong until parts of body were burnt if didn't put on sun block.
but really very very fun!
we had to camp at public camp sites too, jungle and beaches.
no electricity and water sources.
cannot shower, pee and poo have to dig a hole in the ground.
have to do santry (?) duty at night which is patrolling.
have to cook dinners which is instant noodle and canned food.
also lots and lots of bread and biscuit.
we did jetty jump. whr jellyfish are lying around in sea.
before jumping have to shout out what kind of leaders we want to be.
it's a commitment.
we did high height elements too.
all the aboved said isn't complaining, it's a sincere sharing that i've really really enjoyed.
sharing almost everything with watch mates.
none of us were selfish. shared water, food. do everything together even peeing in the sea (with pants on!)
lessons learnt were so new and i better understand my strengths and weaknesses now.
this camp is also successful cos we had the most awesomest instructor ever!
he's zhiwei. he's unlike any other instructors. he goes beyond his job.
cos of him, we are who we are as a watch today.
i promise i will not forget this unique camp!
thanks jocelyn, jia hui, marilyn, rebecca, jeslyn, mandy, syahfura, syakila, farizuan, nazri, izdi, azri, azman, ren yi, kris!
thanks OBS.
congrats cuiting, for completing this course! :D

10:55 PM